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2nd International Joint iOS and Ruby on Rails Developers Conference with Hackathon

A Tale of Two Languages

Both Ruby and Objective-C scooped their ideas from the elder language SmallTalk. But the programmers communities of these two languages are ​​different: if Objective-C developers live from WWDC to WWDC in anticipation of new features and do not even realize what awaits them in the new versions, the Ruby-community is constantly bubbling and changing due to it’s openness.

Last year that all changed. With the new wave of web programmers coming over to develop for iOS, there was a huge influx of new ideas and energy into Objective-C and back. 8 speakers from 5 countries, including authors of SSKeychain, SSZipArchive, AFNetworking, AFIncrementalStore and Passbook-ios held 13 sessions covering also CocoaPods, RubyMotion, RubyMine, KIF, Frank, NUI, ReactiveCocoa, helios, SSDataKit, RestKit, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, PostgreSQL, UI, UX and Analytics.

Now we’re going even further: 3 days including hackathon. And BBQ!

Due to the hard political situation in Ukraine and Crimea, #iOSonRailsconf 2014 postponed indefinitely (hopefully Autumn). We're also searching for a spare venue outside Ukraine and Russia. If you know one, please contact us. Ticket sales temporary stopped. If you have already bought one and wish to refund it, please also contact us. We're very sorry and hope the situation will normalize ASAP. We'll do our best to make the event happen.

Now collected 33 proposals by 20 applicants from 6 countries

Michael Johann @malagant
CEO and Founder @
Steinfurt, Germany
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Alexey Demedeckiy @DAlooG
iOS Team Lead @ Ciklum
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Dodatko corporatephoto
Alexander Dodatko @dodikk88
Software Developer @ Sitecore
Dnepropetrosk, Ukraine
Maxim Bazaliy @mbazaliy
Mobile Lead @ RnR Music
Kyiv, Ukraine
Matthew morey headshot
Matthew Morey @xzolian
Lead Developer @ ChaiOne
Houston, TX, USA
Boris Bügling @NeoNacho
Software Developer Mobile @ DAVID Software GmbH
Braunschweig, Germany
Andrew Zusman @UXAndrew
UX Designer @ Netcraft Israel
Tel-Aviv, Israel
Pj headshot with glasses
PJ Hagerty @aspleenic
Community Engineer @ Engine Yard
Buffalo, NY USA
Evan Machnic @emachnic
Deployment Engineer @ Engine Yard, Inc.
Port Orange, FL, USA
Mi foto 2 cuadrada
Luis Solano @luisobo
Lead iOS Engineer @ Pixable
New York, USA
Andrei Ursan @andreiursan
Senior Ruby Developer @ crealytics GmbH
Berlin, Germany
User 178850 b7dad9 huge
Konrad Kierys @kiero
iOS Developer @ Axel Springer IdeaAS
Wroclaw, Poland
Avatar small
Klaas Pieter Annema @klaaspieter
Senior developer @ Karma
New York City, USA
Andrés N. Robalino @androbtech
Research @ Andrab
Guayaquil, Ecuador
154831 155599017818818 6088056 n
Dmitriy Shemet @DimaShemet
iOS Developer @ Yalantis
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Prudnikov photo sq1024
Dmitry Prudnikov @99bullets
User Interface Designer @ Yalantis
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Sergey Zenchenko @sergeyzenchenko
Co-Founder @ Techery
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Barrett Clark @barrettclark
Principal Developer @ Sabre Labs
Photo on 18.11.13 at 18.18  3
Alex Coles @myabc
Web Developer @ Freelancer
Berlin, Germany
Daya roy
Roy Daya @TBMPro
Business Model Consultant, Author and Keynote Speaker @ The Business Model Pro

Hackathon with speakers

Conference will be held in parallel with the Hackathon, which will allow participants in the form of a competition dive deep into the practice and apply newly acquired knowledge to implement their ideas. Teams will be mentored by the speakers themselves.

  • Good chance for young teams to get an incentive for a quick start and release product to market;
  • Great opportunity for an independent expert / developer to join a strong team and try his hand;
  • Awesome resource for the project's author to find a team to develop the application.

Startup investors invited!


We're searching for a spare venue outside Ukraine and Russia. If you know one, please contact us.

«Porto Mare» Park-Hotel is a perfect venue: situated on a Crimean seaside it has comfortable conference-halls, Wi-Fi and all needed equipment for a great event. The surrounding nature will be a pleasant bonus for urbanized geeks with its sea breeze, air filled with aromas, and mild spring sun. The average temperature in April is about +20°C, and by this time of the year everything is green and blooming. Learn how to get to us.

Entrance tickets

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Winter Ticket
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Accommodation with meals

SNGL Room Ticket
€ 39 / 1 night / 1 person
DBL Room Ticket
€ 69 / 1 night / 2 people

Learn more about accommodation

Meals at BBQ party

BBQ Ticket
€ 25

BBQ party with music in the hotel's park next to the pool (or, if the weather permits, the sea!). Should allow to communicate closer with the speakers and other attendees in a relaxed atmosphere. Entrance is free, buying a ticket you get drinks and snacks.

Ticket sales temporary stopped.

If you already bought one and wish to refund it, please also contact us.

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